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About Artisan Teh Tarik
About artisan teh tarik

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Over 70 Years of Tea Tradition

We are the third generation sarbat tea makers in Singapore. Our family’s sarbat tea making tradition began way back in 1932 coming from Uttar Pradesh in India. Amongst the first group of tea makers selling tea on sampans(boats) during those days– we then continued to set up bhai sarbat stalls along roadsides and constructions sites (Kotai) in Singapore, even before the World War II. We remain committed in offering our tea lovers authentic sarbat tea that are made from carefully handpicked and highest quality tea leaves from the best known environment to groom tea leaves, with the assurance of natural traditional sarbat teh goodness from the heart.

Our Story

Coffee is the best part of life

At Artisan Teh Tarik, we revisit the teh tarik history by emphasizing care, passion, and quality. We’re proud to be among the first to introduce this new concept for ensuring high-quality flavor through dedication, careful ingredient selection, and an engineered preparation process. Our extra care and quality make a smoother and tastier cup of tea