Bhai Sarbat History within Singapore’s perspectives

Teh Sarbat Story in Singapore

Bhai Sarbat is a term used in Singapore to reference a friendly brotherhood of Indian tea and coffee stall vendors. The term “Bhai Sarbat” is derived from Urdu and it means “Beverage Brother”. These vendors are renowned for serving teh tarik. This type of tea is traditionally a family recipe, such as teh masala (masala tea) and teh halia (ginger tea).

The Sarbat is a widely sought-after beverage in Singapore. It is renowned for its distinct flavour. Its preparation process involves ‘pulling the tea’. It is a frequent refreshment choice for employees who travel a lot, like taxi drivers, food deliverers, and couriers.

These drinks are very popular in Singapore due to their unique and distinct taste. They are also prepared in an unusual way, known as ‘pulling the tea’. Teh Sarbat is popular in Singapore for its unique taste and the way it is made by ‘pulling the tea.’

“Teh Sarbat” is a traditional Singapore drink that was popular in the past but is less commonly consumed today. It is a sweet, milky tea. The drink is often associated with hawker stalls and outdoor food markets in Singapore. It is considered a refreshing treat on any days. Sometime ‘Teh Sarbat’ is also associated with ‘teh tarik’. Teh tarik in English is also known as ‘pulled tea’.

The origins of “Teh Sarbat” are unclear, but it is believed to have been influenced by South Asian and Malay culture. The drink is said to have been introduced to Singapore by Indian immigrants. They would make it with tea leaves and spices and sell it from pushcarts. Over time, the recipe evolved to incorporate local ingredients and flavours, becoming a beloved and distinctive part of Singapore’s cuisine.

“Teh Sarbat” was a historically popular drink in Singapore. However, in recent years its popularity has declined with young Singapore opting for more contemporary drinks such as bubble tea.

Nevertheless, the drink continues to hold a special place in the hearts of those who grew up with it. This special place is shared by bhai sarbat. Many still appreciate its sweet and refreshing taste.

Many posts shared continues to be shared online to rekindle or share the traditions of bhai sarbat Singapore. Mainly coming from Kampong Glam or Bussorah Street.

However, there are also many other less renown teh tarik providers. They offer exceptional cups of tea, even in drinks storage boxes in the form of 3-litre boxes or larger. You may refer to artisan teh tarik menu for the varieties of teh sarbat that is being offered.

“Teh Sarbat” was a historically popular drink in Singapore.However, in recent years its popularity has declined with young Singaporeans opting for more contemporary drinks such as bubble tea.

It is a sweet, milky tea. It is mixed with syrup and served over ice. Typically, it contains ingredients such as pandan leaves and grass jelly.