Singapore Local Hot Beverages

What ‘kopi’ drinks to order at Singapore coffee shops, let’s coffee talk?

International Popular Brands

Singapore has many popular brand from international franchise such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean out of the many popular coffee

joints available. However, we have to admit that we still enjoy our local dose of drinks.

Kopi (Coffee)

kopi o kosong – black coffee comes with no sugar

kopi o – black coffee comes with sugar

kopi – black coffee with sugar and condensed milk

kopi c – black coffee with sugar and evaporated milk similar to condensed milk but less sweet.

kopi c kosong – black coffee with evaporated milk but with no sugar.

Finally if you prefer your drinks to be cold, just add the word ‘peng’ for your drinks. This is another way of telling the drink vendor to add ice to your

Hope this article helps you getting your Singapore drinks, both for locals or not.

Tune in for future articles on “How to order ‘teh’ in Singapore coffeeshops” featuring ‘teh o’,’teh’, ‘teh c’ and ‘teh c kosong’.

2. Singapore Local Hot Beverages