What are the benefits of Saffron tea Singapore?

Teh Tarik Saffron

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. It is derived from the flower of ‘crocus sativus’ which is believed to originate from Iran. Saffron contains abundance of plant compounds which acts as antioxidants that protect your cells against free radicals and stress. Saffron has a distinct taste and aroma, also exudes reddish colour pigment when dissolved. 

Saffron flower tea benefits is getting attention among people in Singapore and being sought after for its health benefits. Effects of saffron to one’s health is quite significant to the extent of reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Saffron helps to improve your mood, memory, and learning ability, as well as protect your brain cells against stress. However for many of these and other benefits more clinical trials are required.

Saffron is safe and is not known to have any side effects when consumed in moderation.

Preparation of saffron tea can be as simple as to buy saffron threads and dissolving it hot water or boiling water. It also alleviates the taste of any cuisines its introduced to. Artisan teh tarik uses saffron as one of the ingredients for its remarkable benefits to make the finest tea. The ‘Teh Tarik Saffron‘ from artisan teh tarik is a must try for tea lovers looking for the best taste of tea.