[NEW] This Store At Bugis Offers The Authentic Teh Tarik Experience

This Store At Bugis Offers The Authentic Teh Tarik Experience

Salted egg yolks are a popular ingredient in Asian delicacies. It is often used for consumption with dishes or as desserts.

Craving for Teh Tarik? Check out this tea haven that offers an unparalleled Teh Tarik experience – Artisan Teh Tarik. This family-owned establishment takes great pride in preserving the tradition of sarbat tea making. This heritage dates back to 1932 when their ancestors began selling tea on sampans (boats) in Singapore.

Rooted in Uttar Pradesh, India, the family’s tea-making journey began decades ago, and they quickly gained fame for their tea offerings. Even before World War II, they set up bhai sarbat stalls along roadsides and construction sites in Singapore, earning a reputation for their dedication to quality and taste.

At Artisan Teh Tarik, you are in for a treat with a diverse range of flavours. Whether one craves a touch of luxury or prefers the classic taste, there’s something for everyone. The Hot Saffron Teh a luxurious blend with its rich aroma and delightful saffron notes ($3.20). For those seeking a more traditional experience, the Signature Teh Tarik is the perfect choice ($2.50).

Snacks to Accompany Your Teh Tarik:

Beyond the splendid Teh Tarik offerings, Artisan Teh Tarik also boasts an array of delectable snacks. The menu features tantalising treats like Salted Egg Chips and prawn vadais, perfect complements to a delightful tea experience (Set of 5 for $7). For those with a taste for nostalgia, the lekors and pisang goreng will transport them back to the beloved flavours of pasar malam (Lekors for $7.50 and Pisang Goreng for $8.90).

Artisan Teh Tarik is a testament to the rich heritage of sarbat tea making, upheld through generations with a commitment to quality and passion. The diverse range of authentic flavours and the inclusion of delightful snacks make it a must-visit destination for tea enthusiasts and foodies alike. For an exquisite Teh Tarik experience that blends tradition and excellence, Artisan Teh Tarik is the place to be.

Halal Status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: Mon, Weds-Fri 11 AM-5PM; Weekends 10AM-5PM

Address: 755 North Bridge Road, S(198723)

Original author : Noor Aisyah Karim https://www.havehalalwilltravel.com/teh-tarik-artisan