Artisan Teh Tarik journey since 1932

Our Teh Tarik Story since 1932

In 1932 Mohd Nabi Bin Shuban made a very courageous yet important decision in his life to leave Uttar Pradesh, a village in India searching for a better life. He had decided to move to Singapore and reached here by ship as it was common form of transport in those days. Upon arriving in Singapore, Mohd Nabi operated an Indian bakery in Jalan Kayu Batu 13 selling drinks and indian bakeries such as indian curry puffs with fillings similar to epok-epok.  curry puffs. 

Jalan Kayu

Jalan Kayu area in the olden days

He then moved to Boat Quay in 1940’s selling food and drinks on sampan to fellow trade merchants and travellers. Shortly after World War 2 happened and as any other people, he had to go through vast challenges to survive the difficult period.

After WW2, Mohd Nabi married and opened a canteen, dubbed ‘Mohamed Nabi stall’ on Scotts Road near Goodwood Park Hotel. His popular teh tarik was a hit with local customers. In 1960’s he then had to move slightly outwards to the then known as ‘Goodwood Park Hotel Taxi stand’. That was where he lived with his eldest daughter and son in the canteen until 1967 as a a single father.

goodwood park hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel at Scotts Road in 1960’s

Shortly through the years they then had to move to Draycott Drive (nearby Stevens Road). Between 1970’s to 1980’s that was where they continued their bhai sarbat trade. Subsequently they had to move to other areas in Orchard area trading in ‘kotai’ which are temporary stalls set up in construction sites.

Father and Son photo at Draycott Drive on Hari Raya

Mohamed Nabi passed on, while his son Abu Bakar Bin Mohd Nabi (also known as Bakar Spring) continued with his tea making profession in various places such as Woodlands Center Road, Kampong Glam near Sultan Mosque, Teban Gardens and other locations until this very day.

Bakar Spring at Kampong Glam

Pulled tea

Bakar Spring pulling tea almost all his life

To be continued…