Artisan Prawn Vadai – Exceptional quality with exclusive taste

Artisan Prawn Vadai – No MSG, Traditional Recipe, Fresh Prawns! Staying true to the name Artisan, our products are prepared in limited quantities using traditional methods. Our best-selling prawn vadai which are freshly fried is no exception, here is what makes it so special! To the uninitiated, Prawn Vadai is a doughnut-shaped batter. It is […]

How to make a delicious cup of teh tarik?

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Making a delicious cup of teh tarik… Teh tarik, a sweetened cup of tea, is prepared by pouring the liquid back and forth between two mediums until it settles into becoming a frothy milk-like drink with a distinct flavor of condensed and evaporated milk. Teh Tarik is a traditional drink in Southeast Asia. It has […]

Recipe to making a good Prawn Vadai

Recipe for Prawn Vadai Recipes, Tips and Tricks to making a good Vadai Prawn This article is dedicated to a “pasar-malam” favourite that need no introduction, the Prawn Vadai. You may have witnessed snaking queues in front of famous Vadai stalls such as The Original Vadai and Mr Vadai. as people search for best vadai […]

Artisan 100% Muslim Owned Salted Egg Fish Skin

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Artisan 100% Muslim Owned Salted Egg Fish Skin What is salted egg fish skin? Salted egg yolks are a popular ingredient in Asian delicacies. It is often used for consumption with dishes or as desserts. What does it taste like? Salted Egg Yolk combines sweet and savoury, featuring a tinge of sweetness. Coating it on Fish […]

Artisan Teh Tarik journey since 1932

Our Teh Tarik Story since 1932 In 1932 Mohd Nabi Bin Shuban made a very courageous yet important decision in his life to leave Uttar Pradesh, a village in India searching for a better life. He had decided to move to Singapore and reached here by ship as it was common form of transport in […]

What are the benefits of Saffron tea Singapore?

Teh Tarik Saffron Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. It is derived from the flower of ‘crocus sativus’ which is believed to originate from Iran. Saffron contains abundance of plant compounds which acts as antioxidants that protect your cells against free radicals and stress. Saffron has a distinct taste and aroma, […]